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Introducing ClearX aligners: the ONE and ONLY shape-shifting aligner

Transform your practice with ClearX: Join hundreds of practitioners who are committed to the eco-orthodontic revolution. Embrace our breakthrough shape memory aligners for faster and more precise treatments. Step into a greener future with reduced plastic use and enhanced patient satisfaction. Join now and be part of the change!


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Why ClearX is the 
smart choice for your practice?

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Unmatched Precision

With the patented ClearX technology, you will expect to achieve superior outcomes with a refinement rate of just below 15%, compared to a much higher industry benchmark. Ensure your patients receive the top-tier care they deserve.

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Optimised Efficiency

With fewer aligners required and reduced treatment times, ClearX is a game-changer in the field of orthodontics, offering superior efficiency and faster, more transformative results. Dental professionals can manage a larger patient base while delivering exceptional care.

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Eco-Conscious Innovation

Lead the way in sustainable orthodontic care with ClearX aligners. Minimise environmental impact without compromising on clinical results. Offer your patients an eco-friendly choice without second thoughts.


The Science Behind 
Every Smile

More important than the magnitude of orthodontic force, is the timing of force application. Our pre-programmed aligners, powered by our exclusive 4D Shape-Shifting Technology, offer precise, eco-friendly treatment solutions that move teeth frequently at ideal intervals to deliver smooth tooth transition to the planned position. Powered by smart shape-memory polymers and activated with the ClearX booster, our technology is at the forefront of orthodontic excellence.

The Professionals 
ClearX Advantage

ClearX aligners offer more than just orthodontic solutions; they enhance your practice's capabilities. Here's how we stack up against the competition:

  ClearX Others
Treat mild to severe case
4D shape-shifting technology
Multiple shapes in a single aligner
Orthodontist-led treatment planning
50% less plastic aligners
Less refinements
Smart integrated app


Leading Sustainable
Orthodontic Solutions

Choosing ClearX for your practice means joining a pioneering movement in eco-efficient orthodontics. Our approach has significantly cut down on plastic consumption by almost 50%, showcasing your practice's commitment to a greener planet and superior patient care.

Hear it 
from your peers

Barzashka testimonial

" I’ve worked with multiple brands throughout the years. What really sets ClearX apart is the incredibly precise treatment planning. The opportunity to work with orthodontists behind the scenes is what takes it to another level. "

Dr Vladimira Barzashka



"ClearX 4D technology is both innovative and eco-friendly. With fewer aligners and reduced treatment times, ClearX revolutionizes orthodontics, offering superior efficiency and faster transformative results."

Dr Francisco Castellanos Medina 


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" The idea of ClearX is great. Reducing the numbers of aligners to reduce plastic waste is an important factor for my patients and me. ClearX is a superb advancement in aligner therapy. Thanks for this amazing product."

Dr Martin Baxmann



Unlock the potential of
Advanced Orthodontics

Delve deeper into the science that powers our ClearX Aligners and witness firsthand how this technology is changing thousands of people’s lives and how orthodontic practitioners do ortho.


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