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Our Story

In the wake of a booming clear aligner industry comes our bold response to its ecological footprint. Our journey began with a pivotal discovery from NASA's archives – the Space Age wire, a byproduct of space exploration that ultimately revolutionized orthodontic practices with its shape memory and super-elasticity.

From 2015 to 2019, intensive research led by K Line Europe GmbH, the mother company of ClearX, led to an unprecedented breakthrough: a method to utilize a single aligner in place of many, cutting aligner usage by half. ClearX was born – a testament to our dedication to the planet and orthodontic innovation.


Our mission extends beyond oral health. With every ClearX aligner, we vow to reduce the industry's environmental impact, committing to halving plastic waste and contributing to a healthier Earth.

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The Future
is 4D

Our foresight into the aligner industry has been unerring. Now, we predict a shift towards dynamic aligners, a shift away from the static models that dominate the industry. ClearX is at the helm, steering towards a future where orthodontic care is not only personalized but eco-conscious and technologically advanced.


Unlock the potential of
Advanced Orthodontics

Delve deeper into the science that powers our ClearX Aligners and witness firsthand how this technology is changing thousands of people’s lives and how orthodontic practitioners do ortho.


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