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Revolutionising the
Orthodontic Experience

Innovative Elements of
ClearX Shape-Shifting Technology

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Smart Shape-Memory Polymers

Our aligners are crafted from smart polymers that respond to thermal activation. Our aligners are preprogrammed during the manufacturing process to adopt more than one shape.

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The Boosting process

Works to thermally activate the shape-memory polymers of ClearX aligners to initiate the shape-shifting process. Using the accessory booster, patients activate their aligners once after one week of wearing to allow the aligner to change its shape to the next shape.

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The Mobile App

Works in tandem with the ortho-treatment process. The App reminds the patient when it is time to boost the aligner and monitor their experience and lifestyle to fit the orthodontic treatment.

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The Boosting Process
to Reshape Orthodontics

This is the first clear aligner in the market that can shift its shape to the next stage. It truly redefines how orthodontics will be conducted in the future from now on. ClearX's accessory booster is delivered complimentary in each orthodontic treatment box. It assures the precision needed to shape-shift your aligners. Patients enjoy how the aligners change shape after boosting during their smile-transforming journey. They do the boosting once after one week of wearing the aligner to activate the shape-shifting feature.

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Receive your tailored ClearX aligners from your doctor.

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Wear your first set of ClearX aligners for 22 hours a day for 1 week.

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Activate your shape-shifting aligner with our unique boost process.

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Wear (again)

Wear your ClearX aligners for another 7 days.



Select your next ClearX aligners and repeat steps 2-4.

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The ClearX Advantage in
Treatment Planning

Through multiple patented elements in the 4D technology, ClearX ensures smooth teeth movements with the least pain from one position to another. This happens while reducing plastic waste by almost 50% compared to traditional clear aligners. Furthermore, through the patented recurrent aligner method, each aligner shape overlaps the previous shape to ensure that there is no lag in teeth movement.

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Visualise The Transformation

Our interactive, cloud-based ClearX web viewer 'MotionViewer' is the perfect way to visualize and interact live with treatment plans to give you full control on the treatment sequence and outcome. With our MotionViewer you can always be in the driver’s seat!


Unlock the potential of
Advanced Orthodontics

Delve deeper into the science that powers our ClearX Aligners and witness firsthand how this technology is changing thousands of people’s lives and how orthodontic practitioners do ortho.


Unlock the potential of advaced orthodontics

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